Monday Update. – 11/07/2011

And so, the plot thickens. Well, sort of. Our happy couple spent the whole night…ahem…yeah. Anyway, now these goof balls are actually going to wander around the museum with Chris’ kids and Sarah’s granddaughter. Is Andrew a glutton for punishment? And why would Sarah agree to this after her run-in with the tweens and the paparazzi at Wal Mart? These two just never learn.

Chris is finding it very difficult to hide his disgust for the sickening sweet Andrew and Sarah. He’s biting his tongue, but I’m sure as the day goes on, and the two of them are giggling and acting like doofy teenagers in love, Chris is going to blow his lid, and probably in front of the mass of museum visitors, and his kids. Poor Chris. He really is trying, but our happy couple isn’t making it easy by flaunting their intense relationship in front of him.

Ah, well…I suppose this is how people act when they’re in love. 🙂 More to come…

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