The Letter

What if you wrote a letter to a movie star and got a response, but not the response you were expecting?

“The Letter” is based around Sarah Miller, a 40-year-0ld divorcee who writes a charming letter to a famous film star, Andrew Collier. Andrew is quite intrigued by Sarah’s letter that he has to meet her. After they meet, he quickly finds he is falling for her, and she for him. The problem: Sarah is on the verge of beginning a relationship with a man she has cared deeply for, for quite some time, Chris Keller. 

Despite the obstacles with the media, Andrew’s co-star, Karen Steele, Chris’s jealousy, lies and deceit, and a few break-ups, Andrew and Sarah, and their friends and family, are certain they belong together.

Can they overcome all of the hurdles they are faced with in such a short amount of time?

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