It’s Been a While

Yes, I know it has been a while since I posted anything. Life happens, you know? I am working on book #3...slowly, but I want to keep up-to-date. I have a full-time job now and have not had a lot of time, or energy, to keep up with my blog. Since I wasn't writing, I… Continue reading It’s Been a While


The Last Word Of “The Letter” Has Been Written – 12/19/2011

I've done it! I've finished this novel.  I bet you're expecting an update: Andrew has made his move to get Sarah back. What do you suppose Sarah's answer is? That, my friends, is a surprise! More to come...in the next book. 🙂


Only One More Day! – 12/18/2011

This is it. Just one more day and the last line of this book will be written. I can't believe I'm this close. My second-to-last update: Andrew has gotten himself into a mess of trouble. Let's just say, drunk and disorderly. Mary to the rescue, though. You don't remember Mary? Sarah's best friend?  Sarah is… Continue reading Only One More Day! – 12/18/2011


Oh Gosh, Where Do I Begin? – 12/17/2011

It's nearing the end, folks. I would say two or three more days and I'll be finished with this book. On to the reason why you're even on my page - an update: Sarah tried to tell Andrew how she feels, but she just couldn't make herself do it, and she feels horrible about it.… Continue reading Oh Gosh, Where Do I Begin? – 12/17/2011


It’s FriYAIday!! – 12/16/2011

I have to go with 21 chapters because of the storyline. If I would have left it at 20, Chapter 20 would have been about 100 pages. I know the last line ofthis book, which will mean a sequel. I'm hoping for a positive response from publishers and readers so the sequel does just as well.… Continue reading It’s FriYAIday!! – 12/16/2011


It’s Thursday Already? – 12/15/2011

It's getting closer, folks. Are you getting as excited as I am? 🙂 Update time: Andrew and Sarah are two of the most stubborn  people I have ever thought up. I suppose I'm to blame for that. lol At least I can say Andrew is trying, but Sarah refuses to give an inch, even though… Continue reading It’s Thursday Already? – 12/15/2011


I’m Pretty Much Halfway Through The Last Chapter. – 12/14/2011

It's so close now I can taste it! The final page is getting closer and closer. I am so excited. Update time: Sarah is one stubborn woman. She isn't listening to reason from anyone. What is her daughter going to say when she comes home? That's certainly not going to turn out well. Sarah's best… Continue reading I’m Pretty Much Halfway Through The Last Chapter. – 12/14/2011


Fifteen Pages Written On Chapter 20. – 12/13/2011

I think I may get this book written long before my deadline of the 31st. I'm getting really excited. Update time: Andrew messed up big time, and he knows everything. He knows what Sarah and Chris have been hiding. He couldn't exactly be angry with her for it, but he's hurt by her lies. He wants honesty… Continue reading Fifteen Pages Written On Chapter 20. – 12/13/2011


I DID IT!!! – 12/12/2011

I am so freaking proud of myself. You cannot believe it. I have finally finished Chapter 19. How long have I been working on it? Can you just imagine the party that's going to happen when I finish Chapter 20, the last chapter of this book? WOW! I am so excited. So, I guess I had better… Continue reading I DID IT!!! – 12/12/2011