Wednesday! – 11/09/2011

I wasn’t able to write last night as I had orientation for my new holiday job at Macy’s. Tonight, however, I started early and got a lot of writing done.

WOW! Chris really stuck his foot in this one. What a disaster that plan was. As hard as he tried to cause a catastrophe to  get Sarah to run off in horror from the news crew that showed up for a new exhibit during a “family” museum visit, it didn’t work. It completely backfired on him. The media loved Andrew, and his impromptu donation to the museum. The crowd loved Sarah and she enjoyed all of it. And when it was all over, she showed Chris just how much she was disgusted by his actions.

Apparently, no matter how hard he tries to get Andrew and Sarah apart; no matter what he does or says, it’s only going to bring the two of them closer together. More to come, obviously….

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