It’s Monday, But I Did Write Last Night. Here’s The Update – 11/07/2011

So, the happy couple are back together and just as sickening sweet as ever. How much trouble can they get into now? How much drama is ahead for them? I’m guessing a lot, on both counts. They are starting over and moving forward, together. Chris is, like, eh, about it all, but that’s because he’s in love with Sarah and we all know he would rather have her for himself, but she’s desperately in love with Andrew.

Seriously, though, folks, today is “write like mad” day for me. I have one lastfull day to write. Tomorrow begins my job at Macy’s and I’m not sure what days and times I’ll have off, so I am going to push myself all day today and take every opportunity I can to write once I start working. The good thing is, I’m nearly finished. I should probably start looking into literary agents and publishers at this point. What do you think? 

I would really love some feedback from all of you. I see my website stats. I get a lot of visitors but no comments. I need suggestions from you guys, please. Let me know how I’m doing, please. Love you all. xoxo

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