The Whole Story

When a local physician, Dr. Charles Morgan, is suspected of endangering the lives of his patients at the local psychiatric hospital, two investigative reporters, Eden Ryan and Jared Gates are tasked with uncovering the whole story. Can their budding relationship survive the possibility of Eden’s past coming between them, or will they be able to put the past behind them and get the story they are so close to solving?

            Eden and Jared uncover information about Dr. Morgan’s past in Washington, D.C., that would prove he is continuing his dangerous treatment of his patients in Portland.

            The investigation prompts Eden to enlist the help of her ex-boyfriend, Andrew, who arrived in Portland unannounced and initially unwelcomed. Andrew’s arrival and Eden’s eventual teaming-up with Andrew causes a rift between Eden and Jared, who are at the beginning of a romance.

            Eden, Jared, and Andrew decide that working together is necessary for the story’s good. Andrew is admitted as a patient at the psychiatric hospital when it’s discovered that Jared’s mother is also a patient at the hospital.

            Their story turns when news breaks that young women at the local college are being sexually assaulted. Eden and Jared are convinced Dr. Morgan is behind the assaults, and they reach out to one of his victims.

            Andrew discovers that Dr. Morgan is testing non-FDA-approved medication on his patients. Morgan’s assault victim reluctantly agrees to give a statement to the police about her ordeal.

            With Eden’s best friend working at the District Attorney’s office, Eden and Jared can get a judge to sign off on an arrest warrant for Dr. Morgan, and Eden and Jared witness Morgan as he is arrested for criminal negligence, manslaughter, and rape and all his files are taken into evidence.

            Eden and Jared realize their new relationship was never in jeopardy and put their anger aside.

            Their story is featured on the newspaper’s front page, and a criminal is put away for a long time.

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