I Had Writer’s Block. – 11/14/2011

Hey, it happens. Give me break! 🙂

So, I guess I should get on with it. Once again, Sarah is not happy with Chris. She swears he planned for the paparazzi to witness their conversation about their recent indiscretion. Deep down, she knew he hadn’t, but her fear of being found out made her accuse him. She had to blame someone. She didn’t exactly apologize to him, but as he was leaving to go back to his house for the rest of the weekend, to keep the peace, she smoothed things over. So far so good.

She had a great conversation with her best friend, Mary, who called to bitch at her for not keeping her up to date with what had been going on. That woman always makes her laugh, that’s why she’s such a great friend. And Mary thinks Andrew is sexy. Duh! Because he is. He’s British, of course, everything about him is sexy. (That’s me talking, by the way).

Sarah has no intention of telling Andrew what happened with Chris. It was long enough ago that it doesn’t really matter now, anyway, but it would completely destroy their relationship forever if Andrew found out, and when the press starts talking about her conversation with Chris, and they will, she has an explanation for it. No worries. Thanks, Nina. 🙂 More to come….

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