It’s Saturday! – 11/12/2011

I have no idea where my head has been the past couple of days, but I’m sad to say it hasn’t been on my book. ūüė¶

I wrote a few pages last night, and a few more pages tonight, but my head just isn’t in it. I’ll be back at it tomorrow and, hopefully, with a¬†vengeance. I’m nearly there, to the end, but these past couple of days have just been weird. It’s hard to explain.

As for what I¬†have¬†done…Chris and Sarah¬†were¬†back on track. He had a good talk with Nina. She got his perspective on things and hates him a little less. Sarah wanted to make sure the two of them were good, so when she got back from picking up dinner with Andrew, she and Chris took a walk to clear the air. Chris tried to find out why she wasn’t going to tell Andrew they had slept together. As the words left his lips, the paparazzi emerged from their hiding spot at the end of the block and started taking pictures.

What is going to come out of this? Will the incident at the museum become front page news? Will¬†this¬†development become front page news. It’s almost guaranteed, for both. More to come…

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