Sunday Update! – 11/21/2011

I had a brief bout of writer's block, but I'm back with a vengeance. I was hoping to get the whole scene that has been playing out in my head written, but I can't make my fingers and my brain work in sync any more tonight. It's all in my head now, running rampant and I'm… Continue reading Sunday Update! – 11/21/2011


Thursday! – 11/10/2011

Yes, it was a TVD night, but I started writing early, and my download of tonight's episode was good on the first try, so I was able to write for another hour after. I am now on the verge of beginning Chapter 18 and I'm so happy. This book will be finished before the end of the… Continue reading Thursday! – 11/10/2011


It’s Monday, But I Did Write Last Night. Here’s The Update – 11/07/2011

So, the happy couple are back together and just as sickening sweet as ever. How much trouble can they get into now? How much drama is ahead for them? I'm guessing a lot, on both counts. They are starting over and moving forward, together. Chris is, like, eh, about it all, but that's because he's… Continue reading It’s Monday, But I Did Write Last Night. Here’s The Update – 11/07/2011


Oops, Sorry! 11/03/2011

Again, I have no excuse for not writing last night, only an apology. I really have to stop this procrastinating. On to the update for the we review the upheaval that is about to occur, Andrew has nearly gone off the deep end in an effort to drown his sorrows. Not a good idea,… Continue reading Oops, Sorry! 11/03/2011


What Is Wrong With Her? – 10/21/2011

Sarah is at it again. One mistake after another, despite her decision to say goodbye to both of them. I'm beginning to wonder if my demented mind is trying to tell me something. lol. Sarah has just announced to one of them that she is finished with him. She plans to do the same thing… Continue reading What Is Wrong With Her? – 10/21/2011


I am Aware… – 10/20/2011

It has been a few days since I have posted my updates. That's because I haven't really written anything in a few days. Sometimes other things take priority, like family. Anyway, I did work on my book tonight, after The Vampire Diaries was over, and after I had downloaded tonight's episode. Yeah, I'm a TVD-aholic.… Continue reading I am Aware… – 10/20/2011


Yes, It Has Been A Few Days – 10/16/2011

Yes, I got some writing done tonight. Not as much as I would have liked, but at least it was something. I have articles to write, as well. I am on chapter 15, so that's something.  I don't know what to do with Sarah. She is so confused. She's in love with two men and they are… Continue reading Yes, It Has Been A Few Days – 10/16/2011


Today – 10/06/2011

So, today has been somewhat productive. I worked on the book, but my brain was just mushy tonight. Maybe it was because of The Vampire Diaries. I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to Damon Salvator. I love the story, too, but Ian Somerhalder makes the show that much better. *batting eyelashes* I guess if… Continue reading Today – 10/06/2011