Holy Cow! 10/29/2011

It has not been 3 days since I last did any writing, has it? Yikes! My apologies. In my defence, I have had some major eye strain the past couple of days and last night I was spending time with my granddaughter before her dad came to pick her up to spend Halloween with him. 🙂 So,… Continue reading Holy Cow! 10/29/2011


Wednesday’s Update – 10/26/2011

  All right, you can all relax now. I'm back. I was being lazy yesterday. I have no good excuse for it, but I am back so it's all good.   If you'll look at the photos at the top of the page. The second photo is a drawing made by my good friend, Carlos… Continue reading Wednesday’s Update – 10/26/2011


Chapter 16 Starts Tomorrow – 10/24/2011

Yes, Sarah's sick. I gave her the stomach flu. Boo Hoo! lol  Andrew showed up to find her ill, but determined to convince her to go with him. No such luck, or is she going to change her mind again? She can't make up her mind. It must suck being in love with two men… Continue reading Chapter 16 Starts Tomorrow – 10/24/2011


Hmmmm – 10/23/2011

Well, here's a nice development. Andrew is in Denver, determined to convince Sarah to take him back and go to L.A. with him. Sarah has no clue, she's sick at home with malaria or something (I haven't decided what's wrong with her, yet). Chris is playing nursemaid and Sarah wants nothing to do with him… Continue reading Hmmmm – 10/23/2011


This Is Getting Good – 10/22/2011

She's done with both of them, or is she? Sarah has told Andrew it's over, now he's freaked out that she has cheated on him again. Chris is being mean and  hateful and spiteful to her now, but still insists he loves her. Sarah has burned her bridges to the ground, hasn't she? Maybe not.… Continue reading This Is Getting Good – 10/22/2011


What Is Wrong With Her? – 10/21/2011

Sarah is at it again. One mistake after another, despite her decision to say goodbye to both of them. I'm beginning to wonder if my demented mind is trying to tell me something. lol. Sarah has just announced to one of them that she is finished with him. She plans to do the same thing… Continue reading What Is Wrong With Her? – 10/21/2011


I am Aware… – 10/20/2011

It has been a few days since I have posted my updates. That's because I haven't really written anything in a few days. Sometimes other things take priority, like family. Anyway, I did work on my book tonight, after The Vampire Diaries was over, and after I had downloaded tonight's episode. Yeah, I'm a TVD-aholic.… Continue reading I am Aware… – 10/20/2011


She’s Having Doubts! 10/18/2011

All of Sarah's friends are telling her she may be making a mistake running off with Andrew. Now she's having doubts, and Chris isn't making it any easier on her. She wants to be with him, too. Is she going to make yet another mistake? Her heart is so conflicted at this point, she wonders… Continue reading She’s Having Doubts! 10/18/2011


What’s Today Again? 10/17/2011

What am I going to do with this character of mine? She's breaking her own heart and on the verge of breaking someone else's. Andrew has a bad feeling. He just can't shake this worry that something is wrong. He can't put his finger on it, but it just keeps nagging at him. Sarah hates… Continue reading What’s Today Again? 10/17/2011


Yes, It Has Been A Few Days – 10/16/2011

Yes, I got some writing done tonight. Not as much as I would have liked, but at least it was something. I have articles to write, as well. I am on chapter 15, so that's something.  I don't know what to do with Sarah. She is so confused. She's in love with two men and they are… Continue reading Yes, It Has Been A Few Days – 10/16/2011