What Is Wrong With Her? – 10/21/2011

Sarah is at it again. One mistake after another, despite her decision to say goodbye to both of them. I’m beginning to wonder if my demented mind is trying to tell me something. lol. Sarah has just announced to one of them that she is finished with him. She plans to do the same thing with the other one. She is just far too conflicted to be forced to make a choice between the two men she is madly in love with without hurting either one of them because they are both in love with her. So, she has made up her mind to kick them both to the curb.

This is going to make one hell of a film if it ever makes it that far. There is so much drama, and, as I’ve said before, drama belongs on t.v. and in novels, not in real life.

All right, fans, any suggestions here? I would really love the input again. Thanks. More to come…

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