Wednesday’s Update – 10/26/2011


All right, you can all relax now. I’m back. I was being lazy yesterday. I have no good excuse for it, but I am back so it’s all good.


If you’ll look at the photos at the top of the page. The second photo is a drawing made by my good friend, Carlos Bello. He’s a fantastic artist, isn’t he? 🙂 He drew this for me as a tribute to my book. He is so amazing. He is always helping others and is so supportive. I am so proud to know him. I love my friends. They are all so amazing.

Now, for my regularly scheduled update: Sarah has made her decision. She has decided to do what makes her happy, for once. She has always been the one who looks after everyone else and what they need, and their feelings, first. Not this time. It’s time for her to think of herself for the first time in her life.

Of course, someone is going to get their heart broken, but that is to be expected in chick lit. Not everyone can be happy all of the time, right?

I’m not giving away anything more at this point. I really want to leave something for you to actually read when this future best seller is finally published. I think I’m pretty close to finishing and, yes, there will most likely be a sequel, but if this one does well, I will be working on it full time because I won’t have to get a “real” job..I’ll be loaded. HA HA! We shall see.

More to come….

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