Tuesday – 10/11/2011

Yes, I am aware I didn’t post yesterday, my birthday. I didn’t get much work done, so there was really nothing to update. I didn’t  think I would get much done today, either. My grandmother’s friend needed help making a music CD. I spent over three hours showing her how to do it. LOL (Give her a break, she’s like 75 years old).

On to the update: Sarah is about to leave and almost everyone she knows is ready to tie her down to keep her from leaving, especially Chris. Of course, she’s going to come back, right? But that’s not the point right now. They all think she’s being an idiot for taking off with a guy she barely knows and leaving the potential love of her life behind to drown in his sorrows while she jets off to exotic destinations.

Is she really going to leave at all? I haven’t decided yet. Let’s see how it plays out. More to come…

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