Today’s Update – 10/04/2011

Yes, Sarah went off and made a fool of herself. She has made a big mistake, but at this point, she is beginning to realise her mistake was made due to the actions of someone she trusted. She was betrayed and lied to. Poor girl. Will Andrew forgive her? Will she ever forgive Chris? Hmmm…I guess we’ll see. Chapter 14 will begin tomorrow. I feel the end is very near. The story is moving forward very quickly and I know the directions it’s going, so that helps. Let’s just see where this goes.

Just out of curiosity, having read the synopsis, who would you choose if you were in Sarah’s shoes? Would you choose the handsome, sexy film star who’s madly in love with her or the man she’s been in love with for nearly two years, who also happens to be in love with her? I’m just curious. 🙂

On another topic…I met this fantastic lady, Leanne Louise. I have known her for a while on Facebook, but tonight we began talking and I hadn’t realised she was this amazing singer. She really has this incredible voice and I swear, if this book ever makes it to film, her song, “Insanity” is going on the soundtrack. Please listen to the song. You are going to love her.  Here’s the link to Leanne Louise’s song, “Insanity”

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