Sunday! – 11/27/2011

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and a fantastic Thanksgiving. The weekend is over, but I’m still plugging away at this novel. I got a bit sidetracked, but it happens sometimes. I got a lot of writing done, though.

On to the update: Yes, Karen is scheming to find out the truth about Sarah and Chris. I wonder what she’s going to come up with? Everyone is so tight-lipped about what happened that she may turn up nothing at all. Then again….

Andrew and Sarah are doing fine, almost as if nothing happened at all. They worked it out, so there’s no reason to dwell on it. Sarah is worried that her lunch date with her friend, Marie, is going to bring out the truth and she doesn’t want another soul to know what really happened.

Sarah is also a bit suspicious of Chris right at the moment, but she’s playing it off as the good friend theory. Why he’s being so nice and pushing her to keep it all quiet and move to L.A. has her very worried. She needs to find out what he’s up to. More to come…

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