Oops, Sorry! 11/03/2011

Again, I have no excuse for not writing last night, only an apology. I really have to stop this procrastinating.

On to the update for the evening….as we review the upheaval that is about to occur, Andrew has nearly gone off the deep end in an effort to drown his sorrows. Not a good idea, buddy. His best friend is holding on to him by a thread to keep him from falling off the edge of sanity into a world of drunken benders and partying and casual sex with random women he cares nothing for. No, he has no desire to pursue Karen, although, the concept ofher pursuing him could be a possibility later on. Andrew is having a difficult time coping to life with out Sarah.

Sarah, however, is learning to cope very well without Andrew. Strange, I know. She still loves him and wants to be with him, but he made a choice to call it quits and she is respecting that. Her life has some normalcy back to it and she’s fine with that. Her family is together and she is enjoying being regular again.

The chaos is about to begin again and it’s going to crash into Sarah like a freight train. Nothing could prepare her for what is about to happen to her life. Will she be happy with what’s she about to be faced with or will it cause her to have a total break-down? This was something she was not expecting. More to come….

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