I am Aware… – 10/20/2011

It has been a few days since I have posted my updates. That’s because I haven’t really written anything in a few days. Sometimes other things take priority, like family.

Anyway, I did work on my book tonight, after The Vampire Diaries was over, and after I had downloaded tonight’s episode. Yeah, I’m a TVD-aholic. 😀

For the breakdown: Andrew is suspicious, and with good reason, obviously. We all know Sarah has been catting around with Chris, sort of. It’s bothering him, even though he’s not sure what it is she’s hiding from him. Maybe she’ll break down and tell him, but then it would kind of kill the story. Nah, I think she’ll keep it to herself for the time being. Just until she sorts all of this emotional crap out and figures out what it is, and who it is, she truly wants.

Women! So much drama (see, I told you drama belongs in novels) 😀 More to come…

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