Holy Cow! 10/29/2011

It has not been 3 days since I last did any writing, has it? Yikes! My apologies. In my defence, I have had some major eye strain the past couple of days and last night I was spending time with my granddaughter before her dad came to pick her up to spend Halloween with him. 🙂

So, tonight, I did get some writing done. Not as much as I’d like, but my eyes are so tired it’s ridiculous. As a writer, it’s a real hindrance when you have problems with your eyes. Eyesight is one of the most important tools a writer has. I need a new prescription for my glasses. Once I get that, all will be well in author-land. 🙂

A little off-topic for a moment, before I delve into tonight’s summary of what I wrote. I had an interview at Macy’s today. 🙂 The job is seasonal, but it’s real work and a steady pay check and I love working with people, so if I do well, they may keep me on after the holiday’s. I got the job, so I’m pretty happy about that. Tomorrow I go in to talk to Human Resources and fill out paperwork and such. Yes, even fabulous authors such as myself have to make a living before their novels become best-sellers. 🙂

All right, on to what I worked on…it is an interesting turn of events in the book now. Andrew is the one saying goodbye, as much as he doesn’t want to, but he feels it’s the best thing for Sarah. She is too emotionally drained and all of the fighting between Chris and himself, which has now become physical, has begun to take it’s toll on her more than anyone had imagined. He doesn’t think she will be able to handle life in the spotlight if she can’t handle having two men fighting for her love. He has left the explaining up to Chris. Way to go, chicken. LOL. 🙂

Yes, I’ll be back tomorrow. More to come….

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