Chapter 16 Starts Tomorrow – 10/24/2011

Yes, Sarah’s sick. I gave her the stomach flu. Boo Hoo! lol 

Andrew showed up to find her ill, but determined to convince her to go with him. No such luck, or is she going to change her mind again? She can’t make up her mind. It must suck being in love with two men who are in love with you. Chris tried to convince her to stay, but she shut him down, too.

Conflicted Sarah, in a twisted dream brought on by her flu, she realized shehas to make a choice between Andrew and Chris. It’s the one thing she has been trying to avoid. Now what is she going to do? I guess we’ll find out in Chapter 16. That begins tomorrow. 

Right now, however, Castle begins in a minute, so I’m out. More to come…

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